Mariza Galani has been a lighting designer since 2010, always in search of the light that brings balance to space. Her curated collection of lights is inspired from her constant observation of nature and her products are built to order and handcrafted in Athens. Her passion for nature leaded her to study Geometry (from the Ancient Greek: γεωμετρία; geo- "earth", -metron "measurement") and to the architectural quest of sacred spaces of the past. Mariza Galani believes that design is a way of achieving higher harmony and not only a functionality status. By looking at a shape you become one with it, the intension is for the observer to feel ascension. Her creations are symbolic and guide people to experience the sense of wholeness and spiritual uplift. Being handmade, all her elements carry their own character and energy and based on universal laws they become timeless.

Graduate of ATEI Athens University of Applied Sciences, Interior Architecture, she decided to explore the art of lighting in KTH Royal Instate of Technology, Sweden, where she got her Master’s Degree. Her thesis was on a lighting wall projector that introduced a new way of lighting up building facades, on which Miya, a light fixture produced by Linea Light Group, was based on and she was the co-designer. Following her call on Geometry is currently attending Dr.Ibrahim Karim’s Biogeometry training program. Staying consistent to the principles of locality, history and originality, she creates many lighting features at her projects in residential, hospitality and outdoor sector, and every year she takes part in the 100% Hotel Show promoting those same ideas.